nantcom co., ltd. is a bite-sized outsourcing company which specializes in developing apps on microsoft platform. we also occassionally do a training and websites as well.
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if you would like to have your own windows phone/windows 8 apps for your brand or company, please dont hesitate to contact us.

our team size ensures our versatility and, obviously, a very fair pricing for our customers. customers are also got to play with their apps as we made progress and give us feedback early in the development - making it possible to get your app on the store within 1-2 months. we will also assist you in making sure the app will pass windows store certification.

call us (+66): 089 981 1314, 081 985 2029
mail us: company@nant.co
sales contact: pisiith@nant.co

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AIS Music Store
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KFC Thailand
vMusic by SONY